Smart Workflow

Smart Workflow allows for a document to be electronically routed to managers and other necessary parties for task completion and approval.  With Smart Workflow, you'll never be left wondering where a document is and who still needs to review it.  All information is gathered and stored in one location for ease of access.

Many contracts require approval from multiple people, and many others must submit required documents, such as tax information.  With Smart Workflow, organizations can create an order of operations for approval.  Each person involved receives an email alert when it is time for them to complete their task.  Once they are done, the contract automatically goes to the next person involved.  When all tasks are complete, a manager can approve the document online.  Once approved, an email notification is sent to all parties, and the contract can be successfully executed.

  • Eliminate the Hassle of Paper Processes
  • Ensure All Parties Complete Assigned Tasks
  • Securely Store Documents Online