Smart Spend

Smart Spend stores your company invoices, contracts, and inventory.  Additionally, Smart Spend manages the payment approval process with specialized spend analysis tools that automatically compare invoices to contracted pricing - catching any billing errors and allowing you to track ongoing disputes. 

Many organizations lose track of their invoices because they do not have a centralized repository.  If someone in your organization misplaces or forgets to pay an invoice the supplier will tack on late fees.  In addition, suppliers often bill incorrect amounts, which many organizations simply do not catch.  Smart Spend tracks invoice schedules and sends alerts if one is missing or not paid by its set deadline.  In addition, it verifies the accuracy of the invoice and lets you track disputes to ensure you receive the credits to which you are entitled.

  • Contract to Invoice Comparison
  • Searchable Inventory Database
  • Ongoing Dispute Management
  • Easy Invoice Approval
  • Automatic Email Alerts for Invoices