Eliminate Paperwork with Online Storage and Automation

Manage your current and prospective suppliers, perform research and compare pricing options and features before you buy

What We Do...

  • Automate Public Purchasing.
  • Offer free supplier registration.
  • Search suppliers by keyword.
  • Quick and easy quoting.
  • Powerful online portal.
  • Provide defensible audit trail.
  • Cloud vs. Paper storage.

What is being said...

  • "ProcureSafe has saved us a great deal of time by providing automation to eliminate the complexities of registration and management of my suppliers. And their RFx tool is very simple and easy to use."

  • "ProcureSafe's robust keyword search and online quoting tool has made it simple for me to Bid and Award business."

  • "The ability for ProcureSafe to provide us with a customized online quote form has immensely streamlined our purchasing process."

  • "The ability for us to quickly compare our Supplier quotes is a fantastic feature and a real differentiator."

Get started today...

  • Be a part of simplicity.
  • Fast and easy registration.
  • Immediate access to powerful online portal.
  • Quick and powerful keyword searching.
  • Search, Quote, Bid, Award.

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How it Works

Learn how the ProcureSafe system helps buyers automate registration of suppliers, search for qualified suppliers, submit requests for quotes, analyze and compare bid responses, award a bid, and manage supplier information.