So how do buyers efficiently manage information from countless suppliers all vying for the same business?

With the power of Community

ProcureSafe’s™ Community can empower buyers by allowing collaboration with other buyers. Now a buyer’s favorite supplier can become another buyers favorite.

ProcureSafe’s™ Community also offers huge savings with already procured and negotiated contracts that are fully compliant with most public and private procurement policies. These competitively bid and awarded contracts are with superior suppliers that have been fully vetted by expert procurement professionals.

Statistics show 80% of American companies have outdated processes to manually manage:

  • Suppliers
  • Bids and RFQ's
  • Contracts
  • Expenses

Today's corporate buyers and purchasing authorities are inundated by supplier sales calls. They have limited time to research prospective suppliers to determine if they can benefit from better pricing or functionality. And with the large number of items that buyers typically purchase, the supplier maintains an advantage.