Manage the Dispute Process

Not all invoices are accurate.  When discrepancies are found, the dispute process must be handled correctly to resolve the problem and meet contractual obligations.  While you should only have to pay for services received, many technology and telecom companies make it difficult to receive credits without close management.  Read below to learn best strategies for the dispute process.

Check Contract Terms

What are the terms in the contract?  Are you allowed to pay only the undisputed portion of the bill?  Do you have to pay the bill in its entirety?  How are late penalties assigned? Follow the outline of the contract to avoid any penalties.

Pay the Required Portion of the Bill

Pay the required portion of the bill within the contractual timelines.  Every contract has a timely payment requirement.  Don’t be late on your payment, or late penalties will likely be assessed.

If your contract allows it, pay only the undisputed portion.  If the carrier has payment in full, they are less incentivized to settle a dispute.  If the contract requires payment in full no matter what, follow the terms.

File a Complaint

Each provider has their own formal process for filing a complaint.  Be sure to follow the rules exactly to start the clock on achieving a resolution.  If one factor has not been addressed in the process, the complaint may be denied or fall outside the time limit.  Be sure to have a tracking mechanism and reminders to follow-up.  It is easy to forget to manage the process and lose the right to a positive resolution.

Follow-up to Complaint

Follow-up frequently with the provider for a resolution.  The complaint will be among many other complaints the representative is dealing with.  The provider needs to know that you will not relent without a satisfactory resolution.  The industry standard is 30 days for a response.  If after six weeks a resolution has not been achieved, reach out to the representative and their higher-ups again.

Monitor Bill for Actions

Just because you resolved the dispute to your satisfaction, does not mean that the credit will be applied to an invoice.  This can be especially true when multiple bills are involved and details are less clear.  Be sure to post alerts on your calendar to review the invoice for credits.

Tools to the Rescue

Having a good set of tools to track, monitor, and support a dispute process can make the process effortless.  Find out today how ProcureSafe can help you achieve the level of “Smart Spend” needed to keep telecommunications and technology providers in line.