Solving Document Workflow Problems

Tracking the flow of documents can be difficult.  Documents in a paper form tend to be lost, misplaced, or just dropped into an abyss never to be seen again.  When a contract is signed, there are often supporting documents that must be collected for proper execution. Supporting documents were often missed and fully executed contracts lost – thus, failing to meet requirements. ProcureSafe’s Compliance Workflow is the solution.

Compliance Workflow allows for the creation of an interactive checklist to ensure that every document is collected.  All required documents and an explanation of why would be included on the list.  Each person responsible for uploading documents would receive reminders, and the system would ensure all documents are present prior to execution.  For instance, proper taxation documents are critical for accounting.  We often hear horror stories of accounting scrambling to find some of the W-9 forms for 1099 reporting at the last minute – Compliance Workflow solves the problem and securely stores all required documents for you.

Many organizations require certifications like ISO, SOC2, or Business Associate Agreement qualifications from the supplier.  Today, many of these complicated workflows are completed by manual processes.  For example, the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) requires healthcare organizations to keep proper documentation of their Business Associate Agreement (BAA) Processes and often audits to ensure compliance.  92% of organizations audited for BAA compliance are fined for non-compliance.  ProcureSafe Workflow and Supplier Management products have the flexibility to manage these flows and help ensure compliance for auditing.

For SOC2 certification, specific questions must be routinely asked and documents must be collected from suppliers.  Performing this process by sending out a spreadsheet to each supplier can be daunting to manage.  Compliance Workflow provides tools to request documents from the suppliers.  The Workflow then shows the response from each supplier.  In one case, a client needed to forward certain supplier responses to their legal department.  Workflow Manager can seamlessly do this.

Workflows are great for suppliers, but they also work for internal needs.  The best salespeople are frequently the worst at documentation.  After a sale is completed, the sales person just wants to move on to the next deal, instead of being responsible for collecting documents.  Instead of relying on them to manually collect and track all documents, why not use Workflow Manager to remind the salesperson of their tasks and provide managers to check their status from a convenient dashboard?

ProcureSafe has a staff of professionals to guide you through creating workflows if you need help.  Call ProcureSafe today to start tracking and measuring your data collection needs.