Managing the Paper Shuffle

Have you ever experienced challenges and frustrations with…

  • Having a contract that was sent to a signatory – never to be seen again?
  • Sending a contract to a manager for approval, but it gets lost in their email clutter?
  • Needing approvals from authorizers, but losing track of who has the contract?
  • Having multiple steps performed by many stakeholders to complete a contract?

If you are like most organizations across the country and any or all of the above apply to you and/or your department, then you need to immediately seek a better way to process your documents. Yes, you need to immediately seek an efficient, electronically driven way that will reduce your pain and suffering.   Have you considered ProcureSafe as the answer to these paper shuffle challenges? 

Examine our Client Use Cases where we implemented an Automated Workflow Solution

Case A – “Lost Contract Document”

One of our clients recently disclosed to us that while he was heading to his managers office to drop off a contract for signature, a colleague offered to deliver it for him.  Our client went down to his manager’s office a couple of days later to check on the signature status, but his manager indicated that she had never received the contract.  Here, another document was lost forever in the paper shuffle. 

This need not happen to you anymore! ProcureSafe has announced its new document workflow feature that allows for a document to be electronically routed to your manager for approval.  This digital document can then be approved right online.  Once approved, an email notification is sent to you alerting you that your document has received the go-ahead.  If necessary, the document can be downloaded, printed, signed, and scanned back into the system for your use. 

If the document needs additional administrative work, then the system automatically sends an email “task alert” to the next person on the workflow list apprising them of their responsibility to the process.  A user-friendly dashboard provides each user in the document workflow process with a status of where the document is in sequence and which stakeholder is currently reviewing it – documents will never again be lost in the paper shuffle.

Case B – “Multiple Approvals Required”

Another client told us that he creates an average of five purchase orders per week.  The number of people that need to approve each Purchase Order (PO) depends upon the amount of the transaction, but every PO needs one, two, or three sign offs. 

At the beginning of each week, our client would waste what ultimately became hours of time going from floor to floor in his office building to track down the POs that had yet to make it back to his desk.  On average, two out of the five POs had not yet been reviewed, and sometimes the PO was forever lost in the paper shuffle. The last step in this process was to send the authorized PO to the purchasing stakeholder to submit the order to the respective supplier.

ProcureSafe’s Workflow application solves this problem.  In this case, depending on the dollar amount of the purchase order and the required number of approvers and/or signatures, three different electronically managed workflow templates would be configured.  Once his PO was ready for approval, he would select the appropriate template and kick-off the workflow. After all electronic approvals had been received back through the system, an email and a dashboard alert are automatically sent to the Purchasing stakeholder indicating that the PO is ready for submission to the supplier.  At any given instance in the process, the User Dashboard provides him and his colleagues with a visual tracking of the location of each PO.  And if a stakeholder has failed to complete their workflow task on time, the application provides him with both email alerts and visual dashboard monitoring of each PO.  

Also, if a PO happens to get rejected by an approver, their reason and any resolution instructions can be automatically relayed back to him through the system.  PO’s are never again lost in the paper shuffle.

Case C – “Post Contract Signature Processes”

Another client needed to track a three-step internal process after a contract was signed.  The first step required sending accounting the information needed to pay the supplier.  Then, the contract needed to be sent back to the department that requested approval.  Lastly, the contract needed to be electronically filed in the secure and collaborative cloud enabled storage system.  The client was using manually driven and labor-intensive processes that were often riddled with human error.

ProcureSafe worked closely with the client to develop the appropriate workflows to solve this problem. Templates were designed to allow a contract to be sent in the correct order to the department which needed to complete their given task in the sequence of events.  Now, at any given time with many contracts moving through the workflow process, the status of each of the contracts can be monitored via an individual User’s dashboard.

With the flexibility of ProcureSafe’s Workflow application, unlimited tasks and process steps can be designed and deployed – the ideas are simply endless.  If you are like most organizations that are struggling everyday with document and process flow concerns, call us today at 614-831-0001 or email us at to arrange a discussion with a ProcureSafe Workflow Engineer to determine how we can help you to resolve your daily challenges with managing the paper shuffle.