Strengthen your bottom-line with ProcureSafe and Sourcing Alliance

We are pleased to announce ProcureSafe’s newest partnership with the procurement experts at Sourcing Alliance. Our partnership will bring added value to the ProcureSafe Community by providing subscribers access to our eMarketplace of pre-negotiated group contracts that can help you save an average of 10-40% on the items you use every day.

This is just one more advantage to being a part of the ProcureSafe Community. The Sourcing Alliance group contracts can be accessed directly from the ProcureSafe platform. Once logged in as a ProcureSafe User, you can immediately access the eMarketplace. Sourcing Alliance negotiates master “group contract pricing” with vendors from a variety of product and service industry categories. There are also “Compliant” contracts available that meet the stringent Local and State laws associated with bidding requirements. Accessing the eMarketplace for your everyday needs, such as pens and paper, allows you to comfortably buy products within your requirements. The eMarketplace also brings the ability to buy from multiple suppliers in one simple transaction.

For example, today, Joe Buyer needs to buy paper for the copy machine and a new camera for marketing. Also, records wants boxes of paperwork moved to offsite storage.

These are low cost items, but Joe still wants the best price possible, so he logs into ProcureSafe and links into Sourcing Alliance.

Joe finds Office Depot paper at a new low price and then looks at the eCatalog from B&H Photo to find just the camera that marketing needs.

Finally, Joe finds Andrews Moving to obtain the services needed to move the boxes.

All the items are in his shopping cart. Now, Joe simply completes ONE checkout.

This process was so simple and easy that Joe ended up with more time to use ProcureSafe’s Bid Manager to work on multi-sourcing a contract that was evergreened last year because he didn’t catch the “auto-renewal” in time. ProcureSafe’s Contract Management platform now sends Joe an email alert 60-days in advance of this contract’s expiration allowing plenty of time for Joe to find qualified suppliers within his ProcureSafe Supplier Management portal.

If you are not a ProcureSafe customer, you too can benefit from the efficiencies that Joe enjoys by registering today. Once registered, you will be added to our Buyer Community and will have access to ProcureSafe’s eMarketplace with no obligation or cost.

Just click the “I am a Buyer” link, and go through a simple registration process to “Join” the Community. You will then receive a single user login so that you can begin safely procuring the products you need at a lower cost.