Quick Quotes Can Lower Your Costs by 26%

Our Community of Buyers frequently asks us for help performing more competitive bids – we finally have the solution. After years of research and development, ProcureSafe is pleased to announce and introduce the addition of Bid Manager to its existing solution suite.

With many time constraints facing procurement teams each day, the need to streamline the quoting process has never been higher. ProcureSafe’s Bid Manager reduces this strain with its Quick Quote system. Create a Request for Quotation instantly. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Quote Information:  Give the quote a title along with the start and end date.
  2. Request Information:  Enter the quantity and description of what you want.
  3. Select Suppliers:  Choose the suppliers that you would like to receive the bid request.

Review the bid request and submit to the selected suppliers. In just a few minutes, a quote request can be sent to many qualified suppliers from our Community.

Supplier Selection

Traditionally, buyers are challenged with finding enough qualified suppliers to conduct a true bidding process. ProcureSafe makes it easy to find them in our expansive Supplier Community.

In the example shown below, a bid request is being prepared for an agriculture product, and only one supplier was initially known to provide the product. After a quick supplier search, it was found that “Agriculture Supplies Direct” also provided agriculture products. In addition, they had been highly rated by other buyers. In this example, it is easy to add Agriculture Supplies Direct to your quote request by simply clicking the “Add to Quote” button. According to national studies, buyers can reduce cost by 26% when multi-sourcing. Why pay retail rates when you can get a big discount?


Fast Quote Comparison

Organizing paper quotes and looking for the lowest bid is time consuming. With Bid Manager, the suppliers perform most of the work for you.

In the example below, the supplier has entered the quoted amount for each of the requested line items. If it’s the lowest quote you’re after, Bid Manager’s quick compare feature can easily zero in on the lowest bid. By clicking on “View Details”, you can verify that the Supplier’s response matches the requested product or service


After reviewing the quote responses, the winning supplier can be notified in accordance to your policies and awarded the business.