When you ask our leadership team why they created ProcureSafe™ you will understand the passion behind the business. Our founders spent a combined 50+ years managing sales and margins for some of the largest companies in the world. Combined, they were personally involved in negotiating over a billion dollars of contracted revenue with various Fortune 100/500 clients.

ProcureSafe™ is redefining how buyers and suppliers work together. We believe that businesses succeed when they’re connected, collaborative, agile and data-driven. ProcureSafe™ is making the buying process easy.

For the past nine years, our founders have helped businesses source and manage suppliers, manage Request for Quotes and negotiate favorable Contracts for hundreds of clients. The best practices as a supplier, and the best practices as a buyer - all in one comprehensive platform.




Bob Ray, President

As a Co-Founder of ProcureSafe®, Bob’s executive leadership and management expertise spans the full range of organizational and operational functions from startup to global Fortune 500 companies.

Playing a Management Consulting role for some of the most profitable companies on the Fortune list, innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit distinguish him above other top-level management with unrelenting focus on quality and efficiency combined with a genuine concern and commitment to success. These attributes have been hallmarks of Bob’s career.

For relaxation and leisure, Bob spends time with family and enjoys playing golf.

Notable Achievements and Certifications:

  • Successful sales management career in the Telecommunications Industry
  • Multiple Cost Management Certifications
  • Proven business track records and reputations


Bill Fuller, Vice President

Bill Fuller, Co-Founder of ProcureSafe®, has over 20 years’ experience in producing revenue growth for companies ranging from startup to global Fortune 500.

Bill’s senior-level executive career includes global sales and marketing roles along with extensive experience in sourcing, bid management, contract review, and negotiations backed by industry standard certifications in cost management. By focusing on excellence, value, and delivering "best-in-class" business solutions and service to his clients, Bill has been building professional and personal relationships for over twenty years in both the Enterprise and Government market space.

While away from business, Bill enjoys spending time with family and friends and volunteer efforts with various charities.

Notable Achievements and Certifications:

  • Successful sales management career in the Telecommunications Industry
  • Multiple Cost Management Certifications
  • Proven business track records and reputations

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Ken Gilson, Vice President, Information Technology

Ken is ProcureSafe's® master software architect. He has over 20 plus years’ experience in designing, building, and supporting everything from mainframe to mobile applications in various industries including Financial, Insurance, and most recently, Healthcare.

Specialties: 20+ years as lead software architect and developer. Proven track record and business reputation.


David Rupert, Advisory Board Member

Dave is an entrepreneur and Influential executive leader who’s led high profile efforts in a variety of “never been done” activities, and who’s built and led high-performance teams at Boeing, Borden, American Electric Power and EASi.

Specialties: 20+ years in Aerospace, Energy, Manufacturing, and Consumer Goods industries.


Fred Richards, Advisory Board Member

Fred is a serial entrepreneur who founded several successful businesses. Fred’s leadership in HTP, OHIP, Olah Healthcare have resulted in amazing success stories.

Specialties: 20+ years a successful entrepreneur and expert at growing businesses. Proven track record and reputation.

Open Positions

Customer Success Manager

As an Customer Success Manager at ProcureSafe, you’ll be a customer advocate focusing on customer retention and optimization.  You will act as a strategic partner for our customers, ensuring that they realize value in the products and services they purchased, and have the tools and knowledge necessary to achieve success utilizing ProcureSafe within their organization.



  • Three to Five years of experience working in a consulting or technology company
  • Bacherlor's degree in Business, Marketing, Technology or related field preferred
  • Excellent communication skills and ability to build strong relationships at all customer levels
  • Ability to manage multiple projects, work in fast-paced environment, and meet deadlines
  • Ability to operate as an entrepreneur, with keen understanding of innovation processes, techniques, and strategies


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